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Call for Models Winners Announced!

Holy cow. That’s all I have to say….. Holy cow. When I put out the call for models, I was expecting maybe 20 to 25 people would respond, I’d pick my 12 or so, and it would be easy peasy. You guys really stepped up for this, and I got over 140 submissions!! Whoa! There were SOO many great dogs to choose from, I had to bring in help to cull it down. I limited it to 12, simply for time and cost involved on my part, but I seriously would love to photograph each and every one. A ginormous thanks to everyone who submitted!

It was so great reading all of your funny stories, your pet’s quirks, activities, likes and dislikes. Some photos made me laugh out loud, some made me go “awwwww,” but they were all fantastic! It’s overwhelming sometimes how much we love our pets, so thank you for sharing little pieces of that love with me.

Keep in mind that my choices were made purely by my personal aesthetic and what I’m envisioning for this project. It took a LONG time to pick just these few, but I’m really excited about them! It’s such an eclectic mix, which is exactly what I was hoping for, so thank you for that. Without further adieu, I present the winners!

I’ll be sending individual emails to everyone with next steps and more information.


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