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scoop the poop!

Late last year, I was asked to team up with the Minneapolis Parks Department on a campaign to get more people to take responsibility and pick up their dog’s poop. We live in the City of Lakes, and there are over 100,000 dogs that live here with us. According to the Park and Recreation Board, “Dog owner decisions to pick up – or not pick up – after their pet, directly impacts the health (and beauty) of our water bodies. In fact, dog waste has been declared a “nonpoint source of pollution” by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Believe it or not, this puts dog waste in the same category as oil and toxic chemicals!”

They did a contest for people to enter a fun or funny reason why you should scoop the poop, and the winner’s dogs got to be on the posters! Sidewalk Dog handled promotion, Pampered Pooch provided the space, and Stunt Puppy provided gear for the dogs. It was super fun, and the project has finally come to fruition! The posters are printed and you can see them up around the Minneapolis parks system, at kiosks and dog parks. You can find more information on the campaign, and the Canines for Clean Water Summer Movie Series on their website here. You can even print your own posters to put up in your neighborhood! (the Pug might be my favorite)


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