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autumn in minnesota :: amazing

It’s my favorite time of year. The air is crisp, the sun is warm, and the colors are simply incredible. There’s nothing quite like yellow maples and oaks with bright red sumacs set against a deep blue sky. My good friend Shelley and I took the kids on a little Schnauzer date yesterday, out at a dog park near Rockford. It’s pretty far away from St. Paul, but the drive was beautiful and totally worth it once I got there. After the dogs got their running-around on, she introduced me to her horse, Maggie Sue, and I hopped on for a short ride. It’s way harder than I remember and my butt is definitely sore today  :)

Here’s my favorite girl basking in the glory of being a dog….

mini schnauzer in the grass

Gracie and her boyfriend Toby……

best friends, dogs runningfall colors in minnesota

This is Fuzz-Butt. He’s my new best friend.

barn cat stretching in the sun


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