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two former puppy mill girls find a home together

Don’t you just love a good adoption success story? Earlier this spring I photographed a sweet little Maltese for Pet Project Rescue, and right after they posted the pictures on Facebook, someone saw them and wanted to adopt him. (and he’ll be coming in for a session later this month!) Then just last week I photographed two Chinese Crested girls for Secondhand Hounds. They had an interested adopter for one, but after he saw the images of them together, he decided to adopt them both! I’m so happy they get to stay together, and it sounds like they’re headed to a fantastic home.

Here’s what the rescue had to say about the girls: “Ella and Mona were used as breeding dogs in Missouri and then dumped off a high-kill shelter when they weren’t needed for puppy producing anymore. Many animal shelters in the state of Missouri are very crowded and take in more than 100 animals per week. These homeless animal have no place to go, and the shelters must euthanize due to lack of space. Luckily, a rescue from Kansas found both the girls and got them out of the kill shelter and in to a safe foster home. Secondhand Hounds heard about Ella and Mona’s need for loving homes, and found a volunteer transport to bring them to Minnesota to find great homes!”

Ella is the more golden-colored one and likes to hold your hand, and Mona is the shyer, white-haired one.


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