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Professional Headshots for Veterinarians, Pet People and Businesses

Having a professional headshot that looks great and shows your personality is important for LinkedIn, your business website, professional organizations, when speaking or presenting at conferences, or simply to mark a momentous point in your career. Plus an engaging headshot goes a long way in helping your clients to know, like and trust you.

A photography service that I’m proud to offer is headshot portraits of veterinarians, dog trainers, other pet professionals WITH their pets! What better way to showcase what you do – and why you do it – than with your beloved pet by your side?

You don’t even need to be in the pet industry to participate! Authors, therapists, realtors, anyone who works with people and wants to show this part of their life is welcome to get a headshot with their pet.

By far the best part of getting headshots with your pets is how much more comfortable it will make you feel in front of the camera. When your furry friend joins you in the images, I’ve found that smiles come easier, you automatically have something to do with your hands, and it softens what otherwise could feel like a stuffy, formal obligation.

So many of us hate having our pictures taken (I’m right there with you!) and nothing is more awkward than sitting still and smiling at the camera if you don’t enjoy it. The instant we bring a pet into the equation, the whole vibe changes! SO many people I’ve worked with have said they were super nervous coming in for their headshot, but that it was so easy and way more fun than they could have imagined!

It’s fun to have both a standard portrait and a more silly one!

Most people have chosen to do their team headshots in the studio, but we can certainly do them outdoors if you prefer a more natural, lifestyle look:

Need some images without your pet? We can do that too!

If your business could benefit from a more polished “about me” page or a more cohesive look for your “meet the team” page, I’d love to talk with you about scheduling professional headshot sessions either in my studio or at your location. Contact me for more info today!


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