They fill our days with so much love and joy, it's a wonder we can get anything else done! Whether they're snuggling on the couch or throwing us daily welcome-home-parties, our pets are irreplaceable members of the family.


Make time in this moment


Maybe you're still working on "sit," or maybe their now-gray muzzle reminds you just how many years have gone by in a flash. Wherever you are on your journey, make time now - in this moment - to celebrate your unbreakable bond.

The joy our pets bring to our lives far outweighs the inevitable pain of their loss.

I can help you savor the joyful moments - and eventually survive the grief - by putting into pictures how they make you feel every day.


My relaxed portrait sessions are an opportunity to spend intentional time with your pet and honor all the things that make them unique. And through beautiful keepsake artwork, you can continue to hold onto to your best friend even long after they’re gone.

Wagging tails & slobbery kisses


You can trust me to beautifully capture everything from their slobbery kisses and wagging tails to your high fives and belly rubs.


Joy Sessions® are my specialty – working with terminally ill and elderly pets – but I love photographing pets of any age, and even offer a fun Puppy Package!



Ideally, they'd live forever...


...but when you invest in a professional portrait session, even after you’ve cleaned up the last stray hair and muddy paw print you’ll still have beautiful artwork portraying your buddy as you’ll always remember them.

3 easy steps for gorgeous images:



To get started, just contact me with what you're looking for! I'll send you the product guide and we'll discuss a plan over email or a quick phone call.



Next, we'll create some amazing images! Sessions are fun and super casual – I promise both you and your pet will feel at ease and have a great time.



After your session we'll collaborate on selecting the very best images and products for you. Soon, your beautiful keepsakes will be ready to love and enjoy!

Ready to make some memories?

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