When you book a session with me, you know you’re getting high quality, creative and fun images from a true professional who specializes in animal photography.

With over 17 years of experience, lots of patience, and a very calm energy, I’m able to connect with your pets and capture their spirit and personalities in my own unique way.

I’ve worked with well over 2,000 dogs and cats in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, with all different types of personalities and abilities.

I’m not a wedding or family photographer who occasionally includes pets; I am a Pet Photographer.

First, just send me an email! Tell me a little bit about your pets and what you’re looking for in a session, and I’ll send you all the information you need.

I’m very easy-going, and sessions are really fun, so there’s nothing to be nervous about, I promise :)

A photo session with a professional is very different from a pet owner taking pictures of their own dog at home.

If your pet looks away when you try to use your phone camera, he's likely associated your phone or the clicking noise with something that's scary or boring. My camera looks and sounds very different, and I'll be making sure he gets lots of tasty treats and praise for doing what I ask, so he'll associate me and my camera with something fun!

You can work on desensitizing your pet at home before your session too, by rewarding them for looking at, sniffing, or interacting with your camera. Don't force them to take pictures when they don't want to, and always make sure it's a fun, positive experience. 

While it’s best if your dog can follow some commands, it’s certainly not required. For example, a solid “sit-stay” is important in the studio, but might not be necessary in your backyard. 

I’ve worked with MANY different personalities and behaviors through the years, and even sessions with the more “rambunctious” dogs can result in great images.

Remember: you’re coming to me to capture the true spirit of your pets – not just perfect poses – so relax and let his personality shine!

With that said, it’s still important to have realistic expectations, and know that I can only capture what your pets are willing and able to do.


It’s all about lighting, and whether we’re in my studio, at your home or outside, I find and use the best light to highlight your black dog’s (and any color dog’s or cat's!) fur.

You might be very surprised at how good your black dog can look in photos!

NOT true! I firmly believe that everyone – animal or human – can look beautiful in a photograph. It all has to do with lighting and angles, and knowing what to look for to get those amazing shots.

And while some dogs maybe aren’t show-dog material, you love them just the same, and our photo shoot will capture all the wonderful things that make them unique and beautiful to you.

That’s up to you, and which style you prefer! Studio Sessions are all shot on a simple, solid background, and tend to have a cleaner, more formal feeling.

Location Sessions can utilize favorite places or activities, and have a more natural, casual feeling. Some pets just aren’t cut out for a studio session, and would do better in a familiar environment.

A Combo Session will get you one of each, for the best of both worlds. Combos can also be used as a puppy progression package, just ask for details!

I want my clients to come away from their session with high-quality, archival products, for displaying their beautiful new images. Over the years, I’ve tried lots of different printing labs and products, and have hand-picked my absolute favorite pieces. I’m proud to offer a variety of albums, gallery canvases, wood mounts and archival prints.


While the digital files are great for backing up and viewing your images online, they’re not a finished product.

In my experience, when the only thing you get from a session is a disk of jpg files, you’re only getting half of the experience. Those files may sit in a drawer for years, or get looked at on a computer from time to time, or made into cheap prints that fade within a couple years.

I’d be doing you a disservice to hand off the files and leave you to figure out what to do with them.

The goal of an SBP session is not just the creation of beautiful images, but the tactile, visual enjoyment of those images.

My archival products will have accurate color, be printed on the highest quality materials, and are meant to last a lifetime. 

*You will receive matching Social Media Files with everything you order. High Resolution Digital Files are also available to purchase a la carte or within collections. SEE THE INVESTMENT PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS. 

I know it can be overwhelming to go through dozens of images and make big decisions about your investment, which is why it’s so important that we schedule an ordering session in addition to the photo shoot.

Your ordering session is a collaboration: we’ll go through the images together; crop or edit some differently; and discuss the product options, sizes, and image groupings. We can plan out beautiful art for your walls, or a gorgeous album to page through with friends and family.

Whatever you’re interested in, I’ll help you wade through the choices to find the very best fit for your home and budget, so you’ll soon be able to just sit back and enjoy your new photos!

That’s ok! If you want the session to take place in your home, all I really need is some window light. We can get some great shots in a surprisingly small area, and we’ll likely go outside as well.

And, your location session doesn’t have to be in your house; it’s fun if we can shoot at a park, or another place that’s meaningful for you and your pets. Or, bring them into the studio instead!

If we’re photographing your cats, I also have a “mini studio” add-on option for in-home sessions!

I’m a huge supporter of many organizations and fundraisers, but I do not generally photograph events. Holiday themed parties or other mini-sessions (while fun!) do not fit with my photographic style or busy schedule.

Please do contact me about other ways I might help, through sponsorships or silent auction donations.

Absolutely I do!

With over a decade of archived images of countless breeds, sizes and colors of dogs and cats, I may just have an existing image that works for what you need. 

And, I'm more than happy to collaborate with you on creating new, custom imagery specific to your brand. I love working with companies to make their products look great, and I have a huge network of local talent to choose from. Check out my commercial work page for more information! 

Above all, I want your session to be a super fun, memorable experience, and for you to walk away with products and images that you are excited about!

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Studio sessions are now more accessible than ever!


Just $150 secures your spot on my calendar, and you’ll get a 15-minute studio session for 1 pet, plus one complimentary Printable Digital File. ($125 value)


How does it work?


Just click the "Book a Mini Session" button below, select your preferred date and time, fill out the forms, and we're good to go!


After your session, take a quick break while I select the very best images, then we’ll review them together and finalize your order while you’re here. No need to make a second ordering appointment!

Who is this for?


Mini Studio Sessions are great for:

  • Puppies and kittens with shorter attention spans.
  • Elderly pets that may not have the energy for longer sessions.
  • Professional headshots with your pet! Vets, techs, groomers, trainers, etc.
  • Anyone who loves the style and quality of SBP images but may not be ready to invest in a full session and artwork.

Mini Studio Sessions will only be offered on select dates and times, dependent on my schedule. Up to 2 additional pets can be added for $25 each. For more than 3 pets, contact me to book a full session instead.


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5 Printable Digital Files



10 Printable Digital Files


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