Animal Models

Thank you for your interest in submitting your pet to our animal model database!

  • *Please fill this out on a computer; image uploads don’t always work on mobile.
  • Dogs, cats, horses, birds, or other exotic pets are welcome to apply.
  • Submit one form per animal. 
  • If you submit an animal younger than 1 year, please submit them again when they’re fully grown, so we can keep their information current.
  • Looks aren’t everything. Please, only submit confident, social, well-trained animals.


  • Sign a model/property release for their animal, if selected for a photo shoot
  • Be able to work with them on set, if required (placing them in position, giving commands + treats, etc)


  • Be confident in new situations and around new people
  • Not be aggressive in any way


  • Submit a close up of their face, sitting or laying down, and a full-body standing shot
  • Photograph them in natural daylight, near a window or outdoors
  • Turn off your flash, to avoid “laser eyes”
  • Clearly show your pet’s face, body, and coloring – NO BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS
  • Do not upload photos with other animals or people in them

**Submitting your animal here in no way guarantees that they will be chosen for a photo shoot.

  • We’ll notify you if your animal has been selected for further inquiry.
  • It’s always your choice if you want to participate in a potential photo shoot.
  • If your pet completes a commercial shoot, compensation will be provided. It may range from a complimentary print to monetary compensation, dependent upon the client.
  • You may not always get to see – or have copies – of photos from commercial shoots.

The majority of our commercial work generally takes place in (and around) the Minneapolis, MN metro area. Please only submit your pet if you live in the area, or are able to travel here.

**We are NOT an animal talent agency. This is only for commercial photography work with Sarah Beth Photography, LLC.

If you don’t see a confirmation when you submit, it didn’t go through – scroll back up and check for errors.

Studio sessions are now more accessible than ever!


Just $150 secures your spot on my calendar, and you’ll get a 15-minute studio session for 1 pet, plus one complimentary Printable Digital File. ($125 value)


How does it work?


Just click the "Book a Mini Session" button below, select your preferred date and time, fill out the forms, and we're good to go!


After your session, take a quick break while I select the very best images, then we’ll review them together and finalize your order while you’re here. No need to make a second ordering appointment!

Who is this for?


Mini Studio Sessions are great for:

  • Puppies and kittens with shorter attention spans.
  • Elderly pets that may not have the energy for longer sessions.
  • Professional headshots with your pet! Vets, techs, groomers, trainers, etc.
  • Anyone who loves the style and quality of SBP images but may not be ready to invest in a full session and artwork.

Mini Studio Sessions will only be offered on select dates and times, dependent on my schedule. Up to 2 additional pets can be added for $25 each. For more than 3 pets, contact me to book a full session instead.

Additional digital files may be purchased at your Mini Studio Session:


2 Printable Digital Files



5 Printable Digital Files



10 Printable Digital Files


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