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You may recall my post last week about my “Rescue of the Month” program I’m starting. You can view the original post here at the old blog.

I want to share an additional aspect that I’m also really excited about! As part of the program, I’m offering 50% off a Pet Session to anyone who adopts an animal from the Rescue of the Month (during that month) Even though they will be paying less, I will still donate 10% of the full price. (i.e. a Studio Session is $200. The adoptee would pay $100 for the session, (plus tax) but I will still donate $20) The adoptee will have 30 days from their adoption date to book and complete a Pet Session to redeem the discount. I do ask that you show documentation of your adoption.

So, if you have adopted from the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society this month, or are going to by the end of January, you can get a 1/2 price Session! If you know someone else who has, pass the word along!

Stay tuned to find out who the Rescue of the Month will be for February…..


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