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first annual twin cities puppy bowl!

In collaboration with Fetch Delivers, Sidewalk Dog and Pampered Pooch Playground, we’ve put together the first ever Twin Cities Puppy Bowl, modeled after (but not quite as fancy as) the Animal Planet Superbowl hit! What makes ours special, is all of the pups are from local rescues, and many are still up for adoption. The puppies had a blast during the game, and we all had a blast wrangling, coaching and refereeing  :)

Check out the awesome video at twincitiespuppybowl.com, get to know the players and their stats from their trading cards, and vote for your favorite MVP (most valuable puppy). The winning puppy will score a gift package of over $500 for his or her rescue organization! Thank you to our sponsors for generously donating goods and services for the prize package.

I can’t even tell you how insanely cute this whole project was. I know more than one of us (me included) wanted to take TJ home! A special thanks goes out to Lisa from Fetch Delivers for getting us together and making this happen. We’re all very excited about planning the Twin Cities Puppy Bowl II, and thinking up ways to make it even bigger and better, and help even more puppies and dogs in need find forever homes. In the meantime, Adopt, Don’t Shop!


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