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jasper + zooey :: vizsla photography

I first met Jasper back when I was doing a gallery show at Scoopy Poo in Edina last spring. (I was going to link to that post, but it’s part of the old screwed-up blog and the photos don’t show up anymore) Since that time, he’s had surgery to remove some cancer, (he’s doing great!) and he’s back with his little sister, Zooey, for a proper Studio Session. These first couple images are Zooey….

And the dashing Jasper….

I like the way these next images show the difference in how they sit. Zooey on the left sits normally, like most dogs do, but Jasper sits with his feet tucked under him in a very dainty manner. I thought it was cute  :)

Zooey got to try her hand (paw?) at some more intense modeling work. Their dad has an idea brewing for a dog-centric art and music fundraiser, and wanted a fun promo shot for the posters. These were SO fun….. I’ve got my own ideas brewing for more staged shots like this. Now to just find the time to implement them…..


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