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gertie + dixie = besties

Gertie’s mom got a pet photography session for her birthday, and they were both super excited! She’s a yellow lab (mix?) and LOVES tennis balls. Her BFF Dixie dropped by toward the end to get some photos of her own, and some together. These girls are two peas in a pod, and it’s amazing how similar they look. She’s lighter than Gertie, and has something in her heritage that gives her a fluffy, upturned tail, but other than that, they may as well be sisters. It was fabulous meeting these lovely ladies, and we got some awesome images….. please enjoy:

shy dog photo

smiling dog photography

tennis ball dog

Gertie’s mom loves the details, and I love to photograph them!

closeup dog nose

Dixie came in sporting a killer necktie. She’s very fashion forward.

dog wearing a tie

Smile, Dixie. Thank you.

smiling dog photograph

best friends

best dog friends


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