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minneapolis pet photography = trickery, a clever ruse

J.J. contacted me months ago. He was looking for a way to propose to his girlfriend, Maggie, and thought a pet photography session would be the perfect cover. They were already proud parents of a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog named Denali {Ali for short} so the foundation was there. Then, when I had my call for models, we worked that into the story…. I sent J.J. a “congratulatory email,” thanking him for his “submission” and telling him he’d “won a free session” which he then showed to Maggie. The stage had been set.

Ali was a great model, and such a super happy girl!

minneapolis pet photography, sunset

family photo, swiss mountain dog rolling

At the shoot, I talked about how I like to have people with their dogs in location sessions, showing the relationship, and J.J. suggested I get some “mother-daughter” shots with just Maggie and Ali. When Maggie got up to give J.J. a turn with their pooch, she found him down on one knee, holding out a gorgeous ring. It was seriously awesome… she never saw it coming!

will you marry me

She said “yes!!”

engagement ring, photo

The session changed from Pet Photos to some quick Engagement Photos, and then I was out of there. The plan had worked, and it was SO fun to be a part of it! Thank you J.J. for your awesome idea, and congratulations to both of you  :)

minneapolis skyline engagement

happy couple sunset


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