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coen :: 1 year :: baby photo package

Little Coen has turned the big “oh-one” and his parents couldn’t be more proud of him! I’ve had the honor of being Coen’s photographer during his first week of life, when he was 6 months, and again a couple weeks ago. He wasn’t the happiest little boy during our latest session, so we’re going to give him another chance to shine. I mean, come on….. who doesn’t like ice cream?? In the meantime, here’s my faves from our session……and yes, the ice cream really landed like that when he threw it down  :)


blue sky baby


Lots of duck families paddling around Lake Harriet…. which is beautiful, except for the milfoil-gunk gracing the perimeter…..

lake harriet

stink face baby

But it wasn’t all muck and yuck…..

baby sand water


Thank you, Coen! See you soon, when you’re in a better mood  :)


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