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Sweet little Annie “works” at Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic, and her dad (who’s a vet there) just graduated law school! As a surprise gift for him, Dr. Kate snuck her out for a photo session…. and really, what better gift could there be?  ;)

Annie is a 10 year old rescue, and while no one is sure exactly what she is, she’s lovingly referred to as a “White Footed Razorback Terrier.” She’s inherently shy when she’s the center of attention, but absolutely loves people. We got some pretty funny expressions (and looks of sheer terror) while she was alone on the background paper, as well as some really sweet ones that her dad is going to love!

I highly recommend looking into getting dental care for your dogs (and cats!) Dr. Kate is super passionate about oral health and gave an eye-opening talk at one of my networking meetings. Regular dental care improves quality of life as well as increasing length of life. Pet Crossing is one of the most experienced and technically advanced hospitals for dental services in the Midwest, and unlike most veterinary hospitals, they encourage you to observe, in the room, while your pet undergoes cleanings, extractions, surgeries and more. It’s a pretty cool place!

rat terrier photo

paws and tail

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