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grendel + elroy :: big orange cats

When Milou got his new home a couple years ago, he acquired some older brothers as well! Grendel and Elroy were barn cats, from the same parents, but two different litters. They’re big, they’re orange, and they definitely have minds of their own. I don’t bring my whole studio setup on location except for {rare} special events, but if you have cats or other small creatures at home that won’t do well in a studio situation, I’m more than happy to bring my mini-setup along. I’m glad I did for these two, since they wanted little to do with me by the windows. The paper worked great as long as they stayed within in the two foot square parameters  :)

Here’s Grendel, the more aloof of the two. He’s lighter colored and longer haired, and preferred to keep an eye on me from a distance.

grendel, window, cat

His mom says he’s shaped like a candy corn.

candy corn, cat

Grendel can has mad ninja skillz…..

cat, ribbon, ninjacat profile, orange fur

Elroy is a bit more feisty. He makes you *think* he wants you to pet him, but then bats your hand away repeatedly. And bites you. I got some grumbles and some dirty looks, but in the end I think he liked me.

elroy, cat tongue, orange eyes

orange cat meow

cat head, earscat, blue, over the shoulder


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