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i love my clients!

My clients continue to amaze me with their enthusiasm, their gratitude and their generosity. It feels so good to create something beautiful that makes people happy, that they want to show all their friends, that makes them cry. Occasionally, I get the chance to be on the receiving end of that beauty, and it blows me away each time.

I recently received gifts from both Gertie’s mom and Milou’s (and Grendel’s and Elroy’s) mom, and it seriously fills my heart. Ginger gave me some yummy smelling lotion and fabulous earrings, handmade by her friend, and Lori handmade me a funky awesome necklace filled with things that represent me and what I do.

And a note to all my past, present and future clients: Thank you all SO much for trusting me to capture distinctive, artful images of your loved ones; for welcoming me into your homes, and spreading the word about my business. I love each and every one of you  :)

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