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lilah :: 10 months

Ok, I’m no expert on babies, but I’m pretty sure that Lilah is the most beautiful baby that ever existed. She’s seriously cute, and I can’t get over her giant blue eyes. (If I ever have kids, {and that’s a big “if”…. maybe part of the 5-year plan} they’ll most likely have boring old brown ones…. I savor the blues whenever I can) Lilah is the lovely daughter of the mastermind behind Secondhand Hounds; a really great foster-based rescues here in the Twin Cities. They tempt me almost daily with their dogs that need fosters, but alas, I just can’t foster right now. I’m hoping to integrate that into the 5-year plan as well.

This amazing outfit was a gift from a family friend in France…. handmade in Paris!

handmade french hat

And this dress was her mom’s when she was roughly the same age  :)

The grandparents have a pool, which was super fun for both Lilah and the pups!

dog jumping in pool

dog, poolbaby swimming Cutest ever, right??


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