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sushi with your poochie: part deux: continued

July’s Sushi with your Poochie events were such a fabulous success, that we just had to do one more! Another huge thanks to Sidewalk Dog and Tiger Sushi for putting these together….. I, for one, always have a blast!

And who says photos are supposed to be in focus??

This handsome fella is a regular at many dog-friendly events in the Twin Cities:

These gals are Ladybug and Fern. Their mom makes killer cute dog coats…..

….. and clearly they all love sushi  :)

My wonderful friend, Jessie Marianiello, is painting this handsome American Bulldog for an upcoming show!

This little bitty peanut was c.u.t.e.

If you’d like to see the whole set, click here to view and purchase. A portion of all sales goes to The Pet Project!


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