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meschke :: joy session

Meschke is so good. His yard isn’t fenced, he doesn’t really need a leash, and he stays right by his mom while crossing the street. He’s 10 years old, and recently had a cancerous tumor removed from his colon. While he was under for the surgery, the vet called his mom to see if she wanted to let him go right then and there. She couldn’t bear it and wanted to give him one more chance. When I met Meschke, I never would have guessed I was meeting a 10 year old with very little time left. He was happy, vibrant, and so, so friendly.

It was a hot day, and at first he mostly wanted to lay in the shade, but once his mom got out his ball and the chuck-it, he lit up like a puppy. If you don’t throw the ball right away, he barks at you until you do. I love the look on his face when he’s anticipating the throw, geared up for his favorite game ever.

They don’t know how much time he has, maybe weeks, but he and his mom are definitely making the most of it. It was great to meet you, Meschke.

throwing the ball for your dog

wet dog paws and a tennis ball

One specific photo they wanted, was the view his mom has while driving with Meschke in the back….

dog in the rear view mirror

owner kissing her dog

walking away, black lab looking up at his owner


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