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saying goodbye

I had a wonderful Joy Session this afternoon, and just received news of another client’s dog passing away today. It got me thinking about the many others, and I felt compelled to revisit a few and share them with you tonight. It’s so amazing to be welcomed into someone’s life at this incredibly difficult time. To be asked to capture their best friend’s spirit and love one last time. To cry with the owners and know what an important step this is in the grieving process. Every one of my Joy Session clients has been so, so grateful to have these photos, and I really encourage you, if you’ll be going through this soon or have a friend who is, to consider a session. I promise you won’t regret it.


bernese mountain dog running in the snow Moose

great dane, minnesota vikings


italian greyhounds snuggling Luc

cavalier, minneapolis sidewalk dogMeshke

minneapolis black labNoir

saint paul giant schnauzerKillian

minneapolis warehouse district newfoundland dogGryphon

golden retriever and owner


vizsla and his loving owners on a summer day in st paul minnesota


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