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save a bull :: rescue of the month

We photographed the March Rescue of the Month tonight, Save A Bull Rescue. This is the group that we’re putting on the Art Show Fundraiser for in June. Save A Bull Rescue is on a short list of dog rescues approved by Minneapolis Animal Control to rehome Pit Bulls. The founder of the rescue has spent countless hours and her own money for years rescuing Pits. She’s so passionate and so driven, it’s hard not to get excited about her cause. This is their Mission Statement:

We envision a world where these unjustly maligned dogs share homes with kind, loving, and competent humans, where their honor can be restored and preserved. Irresponsible owners and the media have done so much to damage these breeds’ reputations, and it is our goal to remedy the situation by educating the general public on how to properly raise, care for, and love these amazing dogs. And by encouraging owners to get their dogs involved in obedience, agility, tracking, weight-pulling, therapy work, and police work.

I got to meet two handsome boys tonight, Boscoe and Shep. This first big guy is Boscoe. He was found outside on a 2 ft chain, starving and frostbitten. He’s deaf, and it’s unknown if he was born that way or due to something else. He’s 3-4 years old,  does know some sign language, and sits very politely for treats! He needs to find a forever home with a lot of love, patience and understanding for his special needs.

pit bull terrier, blue, smiling

Shep was found as a stray, and he’s thought to be part Shepherd and part Great Dane. He’s still a pup at 10 months, and SO cute. He loves people, kids and other dogs, but needs a home without cats. His foster says he’s a total lap dog.

mix breed puppy red collar

If you’d like to find out how you can help Save A Bull Rescue, check out their website saveabullmn.com

If you’re interested in having your dog be a part of our fundraiser in June, just send me an email.

To make a Paypal donation, click here.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page!


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