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I have internet again! It’s amazing how much we (or me anyway) depend on the internet to run a business. How about that technology today, am I right?!  ;)

To mark my re-entry into the world wide web, we’ve got Gus. Big, wrinkly, snorty, happy, shedding, lug-of-a-dog Gus! Having a non-shedding dog myself, I’m always astounded at how much some of the shorter-haired breeds shed. His dad even brought a sticky roller to tidy him up throughout our session! They drove all the way from Wilmar, and I’ll be driving out there later this season to get him on his own turf. I hear it’s pretty great when he runs down the driveway. Gus loves his rope toy and plowing into new friends to give them slobbers (kisses) and be in their laps.



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