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Italian Greyhound Rescue of ND and MN :: Rescue of the Month

I’m happy to highlight the fabulous Italian Greyhound Rescue of ND and MN as our April Rescue of the Month! Unfortunately, schedules were tight and we weren’t able to finagle any fosters to come by the studio. (hence the end-of-the month post) We might have to do a rain check on that part  ;)

This rescue is sponsored by the Italian Greyhound Club of America (IGCA) which offers rehoming services throughout the United States. Their primary goal is to help any Italian Greyhound that needs their assistance. They receive dogs into Rescue and place them in loving foster homes to get necessary vet care and training, and await adoption. They also help owners struggling with training or behavioral issues, and provide them with information and assistance to keep their IG in their home.

Italian Greyhounds are the smallest of the sight hounds, and a very old breed, originating more than 2,000 year ago. I didn’t realize this, but they actually are just small Greyhounds, developed through selective breeding. Pretty cool.

The organization is always looking for volunteers to help in areas like fostering, transport, fundraising and sewing collars and sweaters. All veterinary care for dogs in foster care is paid for by the rescue. If you have questions, would like to make a donation or volunteer, please click here to email them.

If you think an Italian Greyhound is right for you, you can check out their adoptables here on Petfinder.

I could never leave you hanging without an IG photo! Here’s Louis V (as in Louis Vuitton) as part of my Style Hounds project last year:


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