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feline rescue :: june rescue of the month

It’s time once again to announce the Rescue of the Month! June brings us Feline Rescue, Inc., (Kneading paws, needing homes), a no-kill organization that’s been around since 1997. They have a shelter facility in St. Paul, but are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. Their mission is to provide safe shelter, veterinary care and socialization for stray, abandoned or abused cats until good permanent homes can be found for them. They do not accept owner surrenders. When I stopped by to photograph some of the adoptables, I learned that a good handful of the cats have been around for years and years…. They are definitely dedicated to providing a place for these animals for as long as it takes.

I grew up with countless kittens, and am definitely a cat person at heart. My two current, standoffish, naughty cats make me feel less-so, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the felines  :)

These handsome boys are Silver Bay and Muncie. Silver Bay is Feline Leukemia positive.


Just a few more faces who could use a home (from left to right, top to bottom) Franklyn D., Bobby, Cleopatra, Seseme, Melvin, Connor, Sam I Am, Lester, Galileo, Pee Wee, Tabitha, Wayne (which I think is a fantastic name for a cat) Razz, Audrey and Patrick.

Olivia was intriguing to me…. her one giant green eye was so charming, and she’s a sweet girl. She came to Feline Rescue with Sam I Am… they’re a perfect pair  ;)

To help out Feline Rescue, you can make financial donations or give products and supplies (can you imagine how much litter they go through??) You can volunteer at their adoption facility or events and even foster a kitty or two. Check out their website for ways to help and get involved!

Something fun that’s happening tomorrow (Friday, June 10) is the 8th Annual “Rock For Pussy” in the First Ave main room. It’s a Davie Bowie tribute concert, presented by the best radio station ever, with proceeds benefitting Feline Rescue.


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