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daisy :: joy session

Beautiful, 13-year old Daisy needed a Joy Session earlier this summer. After her mom found out she had lung cancer, a neighbor came over with a printout of my website, urging her to call me. I’m so glad she did. 2 days later we had a beautiful morning for the session, and that evening she went downhill fast. It’s fascinating how many of my Joy Session dogs (and cats) seem to know exactly what’s going on, and hold out for this one last, special thing their owners need. And once their job is done, they’re able to let go. This first image of Daisy is one of my new favorites…. she was such a sweet, happy girl, and I think this captures her perfectly.

Daisy got a new brother just a month before our session….. Jesse is kind of a goofball! This is the 5×10 Storyboard she got of him  :)


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