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tucker :: yes, this is a real dog

Tucker’s dad referred to him as a bit of a “shrinking violet.” This little Pomeranian munchkin was originally a show dog, was retired due to some medical issues and then rehomed to another family. He eventually came back to his breeder showing signs of abuse, and that’s when his new, super-loving family took him in. It was sad to see him cringe every time they reached for him, though he loved to be held. Tucker trusts his family but is pretty leery of strangers, so I kept my distance. Our shoot was a delicate dance of treat, squeak, one flash, scamper back to mom. (repeat) We got some really great photos of him though, (if I do say so myself) plus he’s just a fluffy squishy teddy bear, so it’s hard not to look good  :)

minneapolis pomeranian beigepom profile on grey backgroundphoto of a smiling show pomeranian on turquoisewistful puppy


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