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Back to blogging! If you haven’t seen, I’ve been updating my galleries with lots of new work. There’s a few more categories to work on, but this is a great start, and I’m pretty excited to freshen up the site!

Tauby is a sweet, 7 year old, deaf Boxer boy. He tends to look forlorn, which is pretty endearing, and his tongue sticks out more often than not. Abby is a 3 year old Boxer girl, rescued from a puppy mill / dog fighting situation, with the scars to prove it. She’s very gentle, and so pretty. Eloise (Weezy) is the scrappy little Jack Russell mix, always funny, always cute. Abby is up first:

studio lighting a dogprofile of a white deaf boxer

jumping jrt terrier

pretty boxer posingblue and grey background, white boxer dogbeautiful shape created by white boxer on blue backgrounddog tongue sticking outjack russell and boxer buttschin downtwin shots of a jack russell terrier


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