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minnesota companion rabbit society :: march rescue of the month

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It’s true that most of my pet photography clients are dogs and cats in and around Minneapolis, but they’re not the only ones that could use some great photos and a little help now and then. With spring fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to feature the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (MCRS) as our March Rescue of the Month. Now is also a great time to spread the word about NOT buying children bunnies for Easter. While they make fantastic pets for the right family, they’re not something to purchase on a whim. They can live for 10-15 years, require care similar to a cat or dog, vet visits, exercise, a properly-sized indoor home, companionship and love. Females have about an 85% chance of getting uterine or ovarian cancer if they’re not properly spayed. So if someone you know is considering a bun for their kids’ Easter basket, maybe buy them a chocolate one instead  :)

MCRS is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the number of unwanted rabbits and improving the lives of companion rabbits by educating the public and assisting other animals shelters that take in buns. They’re striving to eliminate the need to euthanize adoptable rabbits in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

The group hosts “Hoppy Hours” where your rabbits can socialize and hop around with their friends, Bunny Basics classes to learn how to best care for your bun, and even rabbit agility classes! They also sell low-cost, high-quality food and supplies.

If you’d like to help out the MCRS, you can sponsor your favorite buns, become a member, donate supplies, or buy some MCRS gear at Cafe Press. You can check out their Facebook page here, contact them for more information at info@mn.companionrabbit.org, or you can contact their spokesbunny, LadyBug, for some bun insights and advice.

Harriet is a cutiepants Lionhead / English Spot mix looking for her forever home. She loves Hoppy Hours, does great with the litter box, and is a very confident little lady.

black and white lion head bunnylong hair rabbit groomingPretty Uma is an English Spot with caramel coloring. She loves eating hay and being petted. Her adoptive family reluctantly gave her back to MCRS as she never bonded with their first rabbit, and felt she’d be happier in another home. She’s really sweet and, if I may say so, quite photogenic.

brown and white spotted bunny rabbitabstract photo of a bunny's earsLola is a Rex, and possibly the softest thing I’ve ever touched. Ever. Her fur is seriously something to experience. She loves attention and being held, and will be happiest as an only rabbit.

black and white rex rabbit with dew laptwo rabbits on grey background photographed from above


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