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Rescue of the Month :: Rescued Paws

Technically it’s still October, so I’m not *totally* late on posting this…. ok, I’m pretty late on posting this. 

Our October Rescue of the Month is Rescued Paws, a Rottweiler Rescue, Rehoming and Senior Sanctuary. Tracy and Ken Lundahl have shared their lives with and loved Rotties for over 18 years, and started this organization in 2006. This foster-based rescue makes sure all their dogs are spayed/neutered, dewormed, heartworm tested, fully vaccinated and microchipped. The Lundahls themselves can accommodate about 25 dogs on their 80 acre farm. Rescued Paws tends to focus their efforts on those animals most likely to be euthanized at other facilities due to overcrowding or are un-adoptable because of their size, breed, color, age or special needs. 

You have to check out Tracy’s hand crafted, plasma-cut metal art that she makes and sells for the rescue: www.rescuedpawsironworks.com There’s some really nice stuff, and your purchase will go toward their rescue efforts.

Tracy brought in some of the special seniors that reside at their sanctuary and wrote a bit about their stories. They are not up for adoption. For a list of their adoptable pets, click here for their Petfinder page. 

Bridget is a little 14 year old Rottie mix who came to Rescued Paws about 3 years ago. She was all bones with bad skin and a big tumor on her stomach. The tumor has been removed, she’s put on weight (the girl LOVES to eat!) and is doing great. She has lost her hearing and most of her teeth, but Bridget loves to go for van rides and goes everywhere with Tracy. She loves people and will happily greet anyone she meets.

upside dog, rolling, rottweilerhappy black rottie mix dog
Buddy, the 12 year old Rottweiler mix, came from Missouri as an unclaimed stray. He has also been at Rescued Paws for 3 years. He’s quite the character and can drive the Lundahl’s crazy with his talking; he is a very demanding boy and wants what he wants, when he wants it! He is doing great for his age and still runs around. We think he is actually getting younger as time goes by!
rottweiler sitting, studio shotshake, shaking dog photographySampson is a 9 yr old blind pit bull. He came from  a neglectful situation in Virginia about 2 years ago. He is an amazing boy with the sweetest temperament. Loves everyone he meets and is great with other dogs. Once he knows a place, he gets around like you wouldn’t believe, does stairs and everything. He loves going for walks in the woods and digging in the tall weeds. It is truly amazing how he gets around.
blind pit bull mixblind brown and white dog11 year old rottie mix, Duke, came from Iowa 4 years ago with his friend Lady, who has since passed away. They were abandoned, tied to trees in the backyard in the winter, after his owners moved from the home. They spent the next 8 months in a shelter before they came to Rescued Paws. Duke is one of Tracy’s right hand boys and likes to go for rides when ever he can. He doesn’t like to get out of the vehicle though, as he thinks he will be left behind. He is very insecure and just wants to be loved.
large black rottweilerside profile rot tieIf you’d like to help out this great organization, check out the Donations Page on their website, or shop in their Boutique or www.rescuedpawsironworks.com


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