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2013 Rescues of the Month

As many of you know, Sarah Beth Photography is Giving Back, and each month I feature a local animal-related nonprofit. I’ll photograph a couple adoptable animals (if the organization adopts out) and donate a percentage of all my sessions fees for that month. This will be the 5th year of my program, and to date, I’ve donated over $9,000. I’m looking forward to helping even more organizations in the coming months. 

I’ve now got everyone lined up, and it’s time to announce this year’s Rescues of the Month! I have a couple different ones this year that I’m pretty excited about, in addition to some favorites I’ve worked with in the past. So many people are donating their time these days to photograph rescue animals (which is great!) but it does inspire me to work with smaller rescues that may not have the resources or existing volunteers of the larger ones. For example, did you know there’s a Guinea Pig rescue in the Twin Cities?? I’m also looking forward to working with PAWH next month, a unique organization that works with Children’s Hospital to actually bring animals into therapy sessions (not just visits). The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center will be a new one for me, as well as an animal sanctuary in New Ulm.

This year, I’m really going to try to blog more, and keep all you wonderful people up to date with my goings-on. So be sure to check back for new content, and make sure my page is showing up in your Facebook feed!

January – MNSNAP
February – PAWH (Pets Assisting With Healing)
March – Stray Feral Cat Rescue
April – MN Companion Rabbit Society
May – The Piggy Place
June – Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of MN
July – Can Do Canines
August – Forever Home Animal Sanctuary
September – English Springer Rescue
October – Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue
November – Pet Project Rescue
December – Midwest Avian Rescue


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