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MN Pocket Pet :: Rescue of the Month

Minnesota Pocket Pet Rescue was our featured organization for April – and as things tend to go – I’m sharing it with you in May :)

Three friends started this rescue last year, filling an underrepresented niche in the rescue world. There was previously no organization dedicated strictly to “pocket pets,” a general category of small (non-dog / non-cat), furry creatures that many people have and love. When I learned about the group, I knew I had to include them in our Giving Back program.

Some fun facts about MN Pocket Pet Rescue:

Their gorgeous website was created by Ash, one of the founding members.

You can help them out by purchasing supplies from their Amazon wish list, and those items will be shipped directly to the rescue.

Their foster families are lovingly referred to as “pocket protectors.” They can always use more pocket protectors, so they can continue to take in and re-home even more small pets. If you’d like to volunteer but can’t foster, they have some other fun ways you can contribute.

Here’s some of the adorable adoptables we photographed last week:



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