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English Springer :: Rescue of the Month

I’ve worked with the Upper Midwest Chapter of the English Springer Rescue of America (ESRA) for a few years, and I’m happy to once again feature them as a Rescue of the Month! I grew up with a Springer / Lab mix, and I’ve always had a soft spot for the spaniels.

They rescue and re-home Springers that were relinquished from their owners or impounded by animal control or other shelters. Their network of foster families cares for the dogs, and rehabilitates when needed. They really get to know each dog’s personality, and are able to help pair adopters with Springers that will be a good fit for their homes. 

Abby is around 3 years old, and she’s gorgeous! She’s shy with new people and new situations, but warms up with some patience and treats. She’d like to be only dog in your life and spend as much time as she can with you!
I couldn’t believe Duke is 10 years old, this guy has tons of energy! He was dropped off at a shelter “to make room for a puppy” :(  He loves car rides and tennis balls, and is ready for a home of his own.
Willie was lost and sat in a shelter for a month, waiting for his family to claim him; when no one came, the shelter contacted ESRA. He’s a special needs boy, and has undergone multiple surgeries to remove broken teeth, and repair his ACL in both back legs. This guy has been through a lot, but he’ll soon be ready for his forever home!
Click here to see the different ways you can help ESRA, and be sure to follow their Facebook page for updates and current events!


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