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Wishing for spring

Hello, friends!

You may have noticed that there haven’t been any blog posts here since my dear Gracie passed away in the fall. It turns out that, when you’re grieving, it’s far easier to binge watch tv shows and eat ice cream than it is to update websites and write blogs. The gloomiest January in decades didn’t help either.

Having something to look forward to is important, and – for me right now – that’s the spring. I want to open the windows and plant flowers and be outside without a coat and boots. To deep-clean and declutter and simplify. Each spring feels like a fresh start and I, for one, could really use one of those.

So in the meantime, here are a few “springy” images to help get us through the rest of the winter. What are you looking forward to?

poodle in tulips
Bernese mountain dog, woman
tuxedo cat outside in tall grasses
German shepherd with azaleas in San Juan island
dachshund in the spring
pit bull with couple and flowering crab trees


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