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When I learned there was a guinea pig rescue here in Minneapolis, I was super excited to include them in my Rescues of the Month! None of my previous clients have had guinea pigs, and I didn’t have experience with them when I was growing up. The “piggy” world is all new to me, and it’s been really fun learning about and photographing them.

Seeing a huge need for a guinea-pig-specific rescue effort, Natasha opened The Piggy Place in December, 2012. In their first year, they placed 108 guinea pigs (!) in new homes, and so far this year, they’ve re-homed over 40 piggies. I had no idea there were so many guinea pigs in need of homes. Thankfully, The Piggy Place is here to provide a safe place for displaced pigs, and find new, loving homes to live out their 4-5 year life span.

They have adoption events that are announced on their Facebook page and at and in September, they will be having a “Pignic” for piggies & their owners!

Porky & Bogart
Porky is 2 years old (black, white & orange), and Bogart is 2 months old (mostly white piggy). Porky came into the rescue when his family lost their home. Bogart came into care from a family with too many animals in their home. These guys are now a pair, and must be adopted together. Porky is a great lap piggy & loves to cuddle. Bogart is an energetic little pig, and loves to run happy laps in his cage & at floor time.

Porky says: “Outta my way for carrots!”

piggyplace3 The Piggy Place :: May Rescue of the Month

piggyplace The Piggy Place :: May Rescue of the Month

Anakin & Stinson
Anakin & Stinson are black & white Abyssinian (crazy hair) brothers. They just turned 1 year old, and came from a home that was overwhelmed with too many piggies. They were adopted from The Piggy Place, and then returned when their new family had an unfortunate event occur in their family. They are sweet, but shy, and they’d like to have a forever home where they can feel secure.

piggyplace6 The Piggy Place :: May Rescue of the Month

piggyplace4 The Piggy Place :: May Rescue of the Month

Stella and the babies
Stella and two other piggies came into rescue when their owner’s health sadly declined. Stella gave birth to 3 babies on May 7th: Anna (orange crazy hair), Sven (black), & Olaf (black, orange & white). Stella & Anna will be adopted out as a pair when they are ready for their new home.

Stella’s cagemate, Luna, also gave birth to a little one that day. Elsa, the brown & white crazy haired baby, had a very rough start to life.  Natasha found her cold & wet, lying on her side, after she was born. Luna had left her there, knowing that something was wrong with her, and Stella took on little Elsa as her own. She wouldn’t nurse, couldn’t walk, and her body was crooked. They thought we would lose her, but after a week of syringe feeding her around the clock, she started to eat pellets & hay on her own. 

Elsa might indeed be the cutest creature I’ve ever seen.

piggyplace12 The Piggy Place :: May Rescue of the Month
piggyplace10 The Piggy Place :: May Rescue of the Month
piggyplace9 The Piggy Place :: May Rescue of the Month
I hope you’ve enjoyed these cute little guys as much as I have, and will consider helping out this wonderful rescue.

How cute is Ernie?? He’s a 3 month old Pomeranian, and just about the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. For size reference, that’s one of the small Kong tennis balls, about 2″ across  :)

ernie Ernie :: Minneapolis Studio Dog Photography

I’ve been discovering that photographing farm animals in a studio setting is considerably more challenging than dogs! You have to stay one step ahead of them, while they’re constantly trying to figure out how to not do what you want them to do.

This beautiful little goat kid would rather snuggle on your lap than model for the camera, but I think this image isn’t too baaaaaad  :) 

whitebabygoat Baby Goat Kid :: Minnesota + Wisconsin Farm Animal Photography