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Pretty, 5 year old Sage the Pit Bull is a regular at the always-fabulous Bone Adventure. I met her dad while taking down the Save A Bull show at their Northeast store earlier this summer, and they booked a session shortly thereafter. She’s super calm and very well behaved…. always a great combination!

The Minnesota Monthly Best Of Awards for 2011 have been published, and I’m SO so excited and honored to have won “Best Pet Portraits” for 2011! I had no idea until a friend texted me a couple days ago after seeing the article, then I soon received the congratulatory email from the magazine. As far as I know, it’s never been a category before, so I’m doubly honored to have a part in bringing more pet industry awareness to our fair Cities. I even get to have one of those awesome “Best Of” plaques that you see around town!

So thank you to all my friends, colleagues and clients…. I’m humbled every day to get to do this, and to touch people’s lives through beautiful images.

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Sweet, old Rhoda came in for her Joy Session in early August. This 17 year old Vizsla mix (with a fabulous name) gave her mom a LOT of years of love, and even one month more after her photo shoot. Thank you, Karna, for bringing your lovely girl in to the studio!

So I had this plan of blogging once every day, (I even wrote each one on my calendar) which would (in theory) get me caught up in about a month. As you can see, it’s been about a week and a half with nothing but crickets around here, and I have no idea how time gets away from me!  BUT. I’m back in the saddle and am really going to try to blog every. single. day. I’ve got some very exciting announcements coming up, lots of great sessions from the past couple months, new friends and businesses that need some shout-outs, and bigger/better things for 2012. It’s a jam-packed fall this year, and I can literally count how many available dates are left in 2011 on one hand. My apologies to anyone who is looking for a regular session soon….. but a reminder that if you need a Joy Session, please contact me any time and we’ll get you on the calendar. AND Sarah Beth gift certificates make great Christmas gifts!

I think that’s enough wordiness and housekeeping for now, let’s move on to Keegan and Quincy…. two Ewoks Shih Tzus that came into the studio this summer. Keegan was a ham…. he might be the cutest thing ever. Quincy, however…. he’s the first dog I’ve ever had in the studio that was scared of the lights. It could be something from his past, or it could have something to do with his prosthetic eye, (yep) but he was NOT enjoying it. It was a nice evening so we tried a few in my back yard, but by that time he had associated me with the scary lights and wouldn’t even look at me. You feel pretty defeated when you’re being rejected by the thing you love, the thing you’re best at. But I tried to not take it personally and we did get a few of him with a long lens and some patience. (very “wildlife photography” style) There’s talk of a location session when their mom is out of school, and I look forward to seeing these two again on better terms  :)