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Yesterday, Miss Gracie turned the big 0 – 4, and how fitting that her custom-made Fugly Friend (aptly named “Stacie”) arrived ON her birthday! Fugly Friends is a locally-owned business run by the very lovely, Marissa, who makes awesomely fun dog and cat toys. Check out her Etsy shop to purchase your very own Fugly, or to have her custom create one for you. I think Gracie really likes it… she hasn’t played with any of her other toys today.

* Please disregard her dire need of a haircut…. mom’s very busy lately  :)

I’m back! I’ve been working on the Mexico post, but that’s going to have to wait another couple of days. Right now, I want to share a little bit about our November Rescue of the Month, The Pet Project! This is a really special organization that helps keep pets and their families together by providing pet food, supplies and access to veterinary care to those who are struggling. I really can’t say enough great things about them and their founder, Kim Carrier. On the website, you can find food shelf locations that distribute pet food and supplies, a list of pet-friendly rental properties for those who need new housing for themselves and their pets, see when they’re hosting vaccination clinics, and ways you can donate or volunteer.

As you may know, today is “Give to the Max Day,” a day for Minnesotans to come together and raise as much money as possible for nonprofits in 24 hours. There are prizes available for the organizations throughout the day, and for those that raise the most money, so every donation helps bring them closer to extra dollars! You have until midnight tonight (November 16th) to make your donation count. To contribute to our Rescue of the Month, click here for The Pet Project’s givemn.org page.

There are other ways to support The Pet Project as well. You can donate unopened bags of food or gently used supplies. Click here for a list of businesses who have graciously offered their locations as drop-off points.You can buy Pet Project gear from Cafe Press, including shirts, mugs and pet food/water bowls. Local dog-gear company, Stunt Puppy, has come out with a special edition Pet Project leash and collar, with $5 from each sale going directly to The Pet Project. Check them out on Facebook to keep up with the latest happenings.

So if someone you know is down on their luck this holiday season, please make sure they know about all the resources that The Pet Project offers. Giving up your family pet to make ends meet is no longer the only option.

So it’s going to be even more quiet around here for a while….. I’m finishing up some last-minute things before we pack and head to Mexico! Dustin and I will be joining up with Pet Project Rescue in Cancun for a spay/neuter clinic. Cats And Dogs International is working with Isla Animals and Coco’s Cat Rescue to put on a huge clinic, (projected to do over 800 sterilizations) where volunteer vets will be training about  50 local Mexican vets to do low-cost, safe, high-volume spays and neuters. We’ll be documenting the last half of the week, much like I did at Red Lake Rosie’s last year, doing some volunteering at the clinic, and taking a much-needed mini vacation for a few days afterward. I’m really excited for this…. it should be an intense, amazing experience! So to everyone waiting on galleries and products, thank you for your patience in waiting just a bit longer  :)

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the things I’ve been working on today…. the 2012 Minnesota Sheltie Rescue calendar!

Huh. My “blog every day” thing isn’t going that well. If they perfect cloning I might need to get in on that. Two of me would get twice as much done, right?

Anywho, it’s high time I blogged Sidewalk Dog’s Sushi With Your Poochie event from August! (Even though it’s revealing how I’m sitting alone at my computer at 10:15 on a Friday night. And am still 2 months behind in blogging. But I digress) We had another fabulous turnout at the Tiger Sushi 2 patio. A huge storm rolled in about halfway through, but patrons and their pups braved the downpour and lived to tell about it. These events are always so fun…. seeing familiar faces (both human and canine) and meeting new ones, and finishing the night with some great sushi…. what could be better?