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Beautiful, 13-year old Daisy needed a Joy Session earlier this summer. After her mom found out she had lung cancer, a neighbor came over with a printout of my website, urging her to call me. I’m so glad she did. 2 days later we had a beautiful morning for the session, and that evening she went downhill fast. It’s fascinating how many of my Joy Session dogs (and cats) seem to know exactly what’s going on, and hold out for this one last, special thing their owners need. And once their job is done, they’re able to let go. This first image of Daisy is one of my new favorites…. she was such a sweet, happy girl, and I think this captures her perfectly.
daisy2 daisy :: joy session
daisy daisy :: joy session
daisy4 daisy :: joy session
Daisy got a new brother just a month before our session….. Jesse is kind of a goofball! This is the 5×10 Storyboard she got of him  :)
jessie daisy :: joy session
daisy3 daisy :: joy session
daisy6 daisy :: joy session
daisy5 daisy :: joy session

Our September Rescue of the Month is Ruff Start Rescue, a “small but mighty” no-kill dog and cat rescue organization. It all started in 2010, when Ruff Start’s president, Azure, made a decision to save a dog named Hope from a kill shelter in Ohio. She arranged transport with Pilots N Paws, a network of private pilots who work with rescues around the country, flying pets where they need to go. Thanks to these amazing volunteers, animals who would otherwise have no way of getting to awaiting families or rescues can quickly and efficiently arrive at their destinations. Hope’s foster family fell in love with her and decided to adopt her, inspiring Azure to keep rescuing animals all over the country. Ruff Start is all volunteer based, and can only take in as many animals as they have fosters. If you’re interested in fostering for them, check out their information page here. They can also use more volunteers and monetary or supply donations. Dewey is a gorgeous Shepherd / Husky-type mix, who’s been with Ruff Start for a whole year! No one’s sure why this guy hasn’t found his home yet…. He does need a fenced-in yard (as most do) but he loves people and gave me plenty of kisses in his short time at the studio!
ruffstart2 ruff start rescue :: rescue of the month
Nikita is a leggy hound mix who’s an amazing shade of red! Her previous owner was planning to shoot her until a Ruff Start volunteer stepped in and saved her. She’s still a pup and a little shy, so she would love someone to work with her and help her reach her full potential. She also really likes tennis balls!
ruffstart ruff start rescue :: rescue of the month
ruffstart3 ruff start rescue :: rescue of the month
Be sure to “like” Ruff Start on Facebook for lots of updates on foster opportunities, events and available animals!

Nine year old Jax, the Weimaraner, has been with his mom since he was 9 weeks old, when she picked him out from the litter. He was the runt back then, but grew to be 100 pounds! He’d recently been fighting off infections and was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which has spread to his lymph nodes. His mom has been doing some natural holistic healing techniques, and he’s still with her today. It’s remarkable how this boy is hanging on, and I hope they have lots of quality time left together.
jax2 jax :: joy session
This is Jax with his buddy, Max. (yes, Jax and Max)  :)
jax jax :: joy session
jax5 jax :: joy session
jax3 jax :: joy session
jax4 jax :: joy session