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mason + zach :: joy session

All these Joy Sessions lately make me really happy  :)  This one features two beautiful Golden Retrievers, Mason and Zach. Mason is the more “golden” of the two, and has cancer. Zach is the goofy “jumping bean” as his mom calls him! They’re both great boys and I had a wonderful time hanging out with them. Also, I think their mom is brilliant; when building an addition to her house, she had a custom “dog wash” made into the mud room. Faucet, sprayer, depressed area in the tile floor with a drain…. everybody should totally have one.

This is Mason. Isn’t he handsome? He *really* wanted me to see his toys when I came over…. I got the tail-wag-full-body-sway, he was so excited. He’s doing well on steroids that are keeping his tumors at bay. He tires out easily and is really thirsty all the time, but he’s definitely enjoying life!

Mason’s little brother, Zach, was adopted from RAGOM

They looooove being outside.

Thanks, boys! You were awesome.


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