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lorna + hobbs :: joy session

This was a very special session to celebrate the relationship that Lorna and Hobbs have shared over the past 18 years. Lorna has Downs Syndrome, and Hobbs has been with her through almost half of her life. He must have been gorgeous in his prime, because he’s very striking even now. This old boy seems to have about 15 or 16 lives…. Amongst other difficulties, a few months ago, he had broken a leg, and went through with an amputation, coming out great. When I shot this session about two weeks ago, he was having kidney failure and wasn’t eating much. They weren’t sure how long he would be with us. I spoke with Lorna’s volunteer guardian yesterday, and Hobbs is still going strong! His appetite is back, and he seems to be feeling fine. It’s pretty incredible…… almost like he’s hanging on as long as he can to be by Lorna’s side.


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