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gryphon :: joy session

I had another beautiful Golden Retriever for a Joy Session last week. Gryphon is 12 years old and just got diagnosed with Lymphoma. His little brother, Hobbes, is 10 and still doing well. I was surprised at their coats, they’re both much lighter-colored than any Golden I’ve come across, and their fur gets really curly on the ends. Their mom said they’re from Canada and some breeders up there breed for this specific light coat. It’s really pretty.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. the love that people have for their pets runs so deep it can be overwhelming. I often get asked if my Joy Sessions are hard to do, and while they can be emotional, I really, really love to do them. It brings purpose to what I do, and healing to the families who are losing one of their own.

So here’s my favorites from Gryphon’s session. He wasn’t getting around too well, he either stood in his pool (he loves to dig in his pool!) or laid on the grass, but he definitely made for some beautiful images. Thank you Gryphon.


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