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MARS :: june rescue of the month

Whew, it’s been a crazy-busy week! Shooting for my project Tuesday and Wednesday, K9 Connection’s Wine and Wag yesterday, and today I can’t seem to answer the phone and emails fast enough! I can’t wait until Sunday, when I have absolutely nothing on my calendar  :)

So I’m a little behind in posting about the June Rescue of the Month, but I’m very excited to do it now! I’ve had a good handful of clients who rescued their dogs (or cats!) from Midwest Animal Rescue and Services, {MARS} and I’m happy to feature them in my Giving Back program! Remember, if you’ve adopted from MARS, you can get 50% off your session during June!

MARS is a dedicated and passionate group of volunteers who rescue homeless and at-risk animals. They originally formed to reach out and help with “emergency” type situations as well as puppy mill rescues. MARS is totally foster-based, meaning they don’t have a facility where the animals are housed. All of them go to foster homes until they find their forever homes. Like most foster-based rescues, they’re always looking for new people who are willing to take an animal into their home. There are a number of “urgent” cases that need fosters asap, and you can view those animals on their website here.

A couple of available sweethearts came to the studio last week. It’s good that Dustin {boyfriend} keeps me in check, otherwise I might just keep all the dogs that come through here!

This first big boy is Garth, a one-and-a-half year old, handsome Doberman. He was lucky enough to never have his ears or tail docked, and I love the natural look. He’s in a wonderful foster home now, but was in a bad situation previously where his fosters kept him locked in a closet. He’s a big mushy lovebug, and has actually had a lot of interest from potential adopters. Unfortunately, they fall in love with him, but once they learn his breed, they’re afraid to adopt. I won’t get on my soapbox about that today. But it is ridiculous.

This little cutie-pants is Meggan. She’s a 7 month German Shepherd / Red Bone Coonhound mix. She came into MARS at 3 months with deformed front legs. Through therapy, she no longer has any handicap in her legs, and has become a beautiful girl with a great personality! She loves everyone, knows basic commands and is eager to please.

It’s super easy to help Midwest Animal Rescue! They have a Sponsor program where every dollar truly counts…. you can donate $1 if you like, and that will help pay for treats. You can check out what your money can sponsor here.

If you’re not in a position to send a monetary donation, they’re always in need of physical items like food, collars, beds, medicine, even gas cards to offset transport costs. To see a list of items needed, click here.

For any questions you may have, please email them at adopt@midwestanimalrescue.org

If you’re interesting in becoming a foster, please contact foster@midwestanimalrescue.org


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