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milou :: english shepherd

Milou’s mom described him as a “blonde border collie” so I had an idea of what he might look like, but I did not expect such a gorgeous boy to come traipsing into the studio! He’s very unique looking and FULL of energy, and I had a great time photographing him. He wouldn’t really settle down, so his enormous tongue was lolling in most of the photos, which I think just adds to his charm. Here’s my faves of Milou’s fabulous photos…..

photo of an english shepherd

dog photo on blue background

minneapolis dog looking down

milou over the shoulder

This last one cracks me up…. usually when I make my little whistley-squeaky noises, it gets the dogs’ attention and they close their mouths. Milou pretty much did, but just could never seem to get that crazy tongue all the way inside  :)

dog photography


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