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tanuki, red and turtle

I love my job. How many people get to to hang out with a Basenji, a Toyger and a Box Turtle as part of a day’s work? Their dad is a veterinarian, and all three are rescues (go rescues!) Tanuki is the handsome Basenji, who’s a bit timid around strangers, but made for some great images. Red is a Toyger cat. I had to look up exactly what a Toyger might be, and it’s kind of interesting. (that website isn’t very up to date, as they’re speculating on where the breed might be in 2010) They’ve only been in development since the 1980’s, and recognized as a new breed in 2006. Essentially, they’re domestics cats bred to look like toy tigers. They’re pretty rare, and they’re not sure how Red ended up in a Humane Society, but his dad was happy to take him. He’s super soft and friendly, and a big talker!

basenji laying down

curly dog tail

toyger cat

Turtle the Box Turtle wanted little to do with his photo session, so I captured his signature “get out of my face” look.

box turtle

toyger rescue cat

regal basenji

Turtle is displeased with your offering.

box turtle and strawberry

toyger stripes


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