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happy birthday, america {and tyson!}

It’s a pretty low-key 4th of July for me this year….. Dustin’s at work all day, I’ve been cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering the house (Goodwill, here I come) and enjoying our rad ceiling fans in this heat. (we only put in the window air conditioner if absolutely necessary) The cats are lounging and Gracie is holding her post at the squirrel-watching station. I realized I never posted about my nephew’s first birthday party a few weeks ago. I headed to South Dakota for the festivities and took some summery fun photos of the kids. This first one is Marco, he’s three, and running next to the slip-n-slide and stopping to check out the water. (notice his hair isn’t even wet) I don’t think he ever got brave enough to actually slip and/or slide. little boy playing in the water

And here’s the birthday boy, Tyson. He’s pretty much the cutest nephew ever (if I may say so) and has this amazing hair that grows in every direction, which actually looks pretty tame in these photos. Happy Birthday buddy! 1st birthday boy, cake, frosting


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