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togo :: one wild and crazy guy

When Togo’s mom first contacted me, she said he’s SO high energy that she has few photos of him that aren’t blurry, and was dubious if we could even get him to settle down. I’ve had my share of rambunctious dogs in the studio, and I have a lot of patience, so we thought we’d give it a try. Holy cow. Togo is an enormous bundle of bounces and kisses and crazy! He does love treats, and will do most anything for them, so that was our golden ticket.

He’s a really big Puggle… His dad was a huge black Pug and his mom was a Beagle. And he’s got this great snaggle-tooth. Isn’t he hilarious??

puggle, underbite

regal puggle

curly tail

smiling black dog

Hey Togo, I think your ears are backwards…… “What?”

backwards inside out ears

smiling dog laying down


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