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I met the lovely Matilda at several Beer With Your Buddy events this summer. Her mom got a session with me as a birthday present and everyone was super excited! She’s a year and a half, listens well and still has lots of puppy-ness. Vizslas always photograph so well…. they’re shiny, expressive and always goofy. Thanks for a great session, Matilda! Can’t wait to see you at more events next year!

dog in a scarf, holidayjump for a treat, dancingabstract dog art

vizsla on green, suntanvizsla dog photo

Another awesome upsidedog!

upsidedog, upside down dog

One thing Matilda’s parents really wanted was to catch her with her lip stuck in her mouth… I think we got it.

funny face, lip stuck

smiling vizsla


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