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aesa :: serendipitous free photo session winner

When I ran the randomizer for the winner of the free session, I thought her name sounded familiar. Turns out she’s a Secondhand Hounds supporter, comments on the blog once in a while, and had recently contacted me about scheduling a session. (you have to understand that I’m REALLY bad at remembering things…. seriously) So she was more than excited to bring in her Rottweiler + German Shepherd mix for free  :) I soon found out that her dog, Aesa (pronounced “ice-uh”) is the daughter of Mia, the sweet Rottie girl who tragically died in a house fire earlier this winter. Serendipity at its finest.

It was really good to see a part of Mia again in Aesa, and we had a great session. She’s kind of a goofball….



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