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señor lazo :: joy session

I’ve put off writing this post for a few days because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. I’m still not totally sure, but I’ll do my best. Lazo was a very special dog. It’s unclear how old he was, what his life was like, what he endured. The one thing that is clear, is for a short time, he knew love. He knew what it was like to be held, served food, to have a friend. It’s kind of amazing that he held on for as long as he did…. some think it’s because he needed to die in a place of warmth and love, not alone in a cage thousands of miles away.

Here’s what his mom says about meeting him:

It all began in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I was visiting a friend there and through some of her connections met a few people on the island who work with dog rescue. My plan was to go to the dog shelter and walk dogs and play with puppies. My friend suggested we stop first at the vet.  This is how I found Lazo. He was in a cage and was quiet. The vet told me that whoever owned him tossed him out. He was blind and weak and tired. Tears rolled from my eyes. I asked to hold him and he settled into my arms even though I could feel his tension. In my mind I thought “I will save you.”

With help from Maia and Pet Project Rescue, he came home to her at the end of January. Please read about their journey on Lazo’s blog. (start from the beginning) It’s amazing and heartbreaking. For how fragile he was, he made great strides. He even learned his name. They were only together for 3 weeks, but it was the best 3 weeks Lazo could have asked for.


This is Chula. She did a great job welcoming Lazo into her home.undefinedundefined

Goodbye, sweetie. It was wonderful to meet you.


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