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You heard me….. Schnoxers! Or some other word that you’d call Schnauzer / Boxer puppies. Holy cow these girls are cute. When I heard that Secondhand Hounds had them, I couldn’t resist taking photos. We did a quickie shoot this morning and they are SO fun. They’re about 4 months old, wiry, floppy, wiggly girls. Briggs was my favorite (Gracie even liked her! That’s unusual for the crabby pants, so I think that’s a sign that I should take her home and keep her forever… don’t tell Dustin)  She’s got the polka dot collar, and she had a very nice sit every time we asked. Sid is the one with more white on her schnoz and she is a bouncy, energetic, not-so-much-with-the-sitting-just-yet-there’s-too-much-that’s-exciting pup. Not that they’ll need any help getting adopted, but here’s some fun shots from this morning! How adorable are they??



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