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This was a tough one. Maggie’s dad called me on April 27th for a Joy Session. A few days prior, she wasn’t eating so they took her to the vet. This 8 year old girl, who seemed perfectly fine until those couple of days, was in liver failure. When he called me, they weren’t sure she would make it past the weekend, so we scheduled it for the next morning. He called back a couple hours later, unsure she’d make it through the night. When I arrived less than an hour later, sweet Maggie was wagging her tail and snuggling up to me, following me around. They said she’s really shy and never does that with strangers. She had enough energy for a great 10 minute session, but was clearly weak and tired. She passed away less than 2 days later.

It’s hard enough going through this with an older pet, or having months to prepare… this was totally out of the blue. Her owners are expecting a baby in a few months, and were looking forward to their new family of four. It’s sad that their kids will never know what a beautiful, amazing dog they had. Maggie, thank you for the opportunity help your family through this difficult time.



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