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home for life :: may rescue of the month

Rescues of the Month are kind of all over the place this year! I apologize for not posting each at the beginning of the month, but schedules don’t always go so smoothly. My annual trip to Home For Life was another great experience. There were lots of familiar faces, some new faces, and some who have passed on. If you haven’t heard of Home For Life, they’re a wonderful animal sanctuary in Wisconsin that gives special-needs companion animals a “home for life.” These animals are unable to find a home due to age, disability, health or temperament but can still lead a quality life. Through example, HFL hopes to discourage an acceptance of euthanasia as the only option for these types of animals. They have several community outreach programs in which the animals give back to children affected by domestic violence, at-risk teens and the elderly. They take the empathy shown to them and pass it on to these other vulnerable members of society.

Read more about the great things this organization is doing by visiting their website. If you’d like to help, you can donate items to their wish list, give monetary donations, or sponsor an animal. The photos that I and many other photographers take throughout the year are given to the sponsors when they receive updates on their animals. They have a fundraising event coming up in the fall where you can meet special guest Garth Stein, author of The Art of Racing in the Rain. It’s a great book (I cried at the end) and the cover photo is by my friend and colleague Claire Bow.

I think this first photo exemplifies everything that Home For Life stands for.


I really love the cats with no eyes.


This is Roo…. he was born with deformed front legs and walks on his back ones…. like a kangaroo.


Christopher Robin got some wheels!


They even have upside-dogs at HFL!



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